Free supportive practical classes

Only at ABM Further Education, you can attend a missed practical class for free. If you receive an email from our Student Service Team about these classes, don’t miss the chance. Our aim is to support your successful course completion and help you towards your future career.

If you require any assistance with your assignments during this time, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at We’re here to help!

All supportive classes will be held in the Kitchen from 09:30 am to 04:00 pm

Holiday Week 1 
Monday 9/18/2023SITXFSA005 and SITXFSA006       
Tuesday 9/19/2023SITHCCC027 – SITHCCC037
Wednesday 9/20/2023SITHCCC042*
Thursday 9/21/2023SITHKOP010            
Friday 9/22/2023SITHCCC030*
Holiday Week 2 
Monday 9/25/2023SITHCCC029*                        
Tuesday  9/26/2023SITHCCC026    
Wednesday 9/27/2023SITHCCC041/ SITHPAT016            
Thursday 9/28/2023SITHCCC040
Friday 9/29/2023SITHCCC036 
Holiday Week 3 
Tuesday 10/3/2023SITHCCC023 / SITHCCC028
Wednesday 10/04/2023SITHCCC031
Thursday 10/05/2023SITHKOP015
Friday 10/06/2023SITHCCC035                         



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ABM Further Education Agents & Partners Appreciation Evening 2024

ABM Further Education Agents & Partners Appreciation Evening 2024