Face to Face classes starts in October

Our students will return to face-to-face classes from Term 4 October 2022; however, we will offer flexibility in online learning to students who cannot physically attend the classes and are not located in Sydney.
ABM Further education is not only learning in class but returning to face-face classes on our campus. Students can directly connect to our professional teachers and classmates. This is beneficial as the students can network with other classmates easily and learn about other cultures, which can enrich our student’s future professional life and enhance your learning experience.  Throughout all the benefits the safety of our students and staff is main priority of ABM.
Term 4 October 2022 classes
Term 4 will start on Monday 10th October 2022.
From term 4 2022 all students are expected to come for the classes to our campus, unless you are still overseas, or you are not able to attend the classes in person.

Safety Guidelines
All students who attend our campus are expected to comply with our COVID-safe guidelines.
·         Maintain physical distancing (keep 1.5m away from others)
·         Avoid physical greetings
·         Wash your hands regularly
·         During coughing or sneezing use your elbow or tissue
·         Masks are not required on our campus unless you are in close contact with a COVID-19 positive case

Please do not enter our campus if you:
·          Are feeling unwell with any COVID-19 symptoms
·         Have tested positive
In this case, notify our students’ service office at studentservice@abm.edu.au and online classes will be offered. 
All classes have been organized to ensure physical distancing in the classroom, where possible.

 Information for Offshore students
The students who are offshore will be offered remote classes, however, especially students with Kitchen Management and Hospitality qualifications, we encourage you to make travel arrangements to Sydney as soon as you can due to the practical classes. 

For more information please contact your Teacher or simply contact us here

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ABM Further Education Agents & Partners Appreciation Evening 2024