About Us

About ABM

Australian Business Management was established with the vision to provide the highest quality of education and to guide students towards a successful career and positive lifestyle. Staff and Management within Australian Business Management have extensive years of experience in delivering and managing training to students.
ABM also emphasises education within a friendly, caring and relaxed environment and provides students with opportunities to enable their growth and development in order to succeed.

Student Amenities

Australian Business Management aims to provide students with a clean and harmonious studying atmosphere. We have many facilities at our doorstep, Students have access to;

  • Countless food vendors from local food courts
  • Local library
  • Disabled Access, and disabled toilets
  • Access to computers on campus
  • Close proximity to public transport (hyperlink: https://transportnsw.info/trip)

Why Study with Australian Business Management?

Australian Business Management differs from other providers in several ways;
  • Classes are generally kept to a small group which enables better communication between the staff and students.
  • The college is in the heart of Bela-Vista close to all major facilities.
  • While in class, students are encouraged and expected to contribute to the discussion and educators meet with students and even share coffee or meals with them. The close relationship between students and trainers serve to motivate students and fosters a personal approach to studying. Studying at Australian Business Management will ensure you receive an exceptional level of service and a high-quality education.

    Student Support and Administration

    Australian Business Management’s student support and administration staff member has a special interest in ensuring you get through your course as smoothly as possible. They are experienced in sorting out any problem you may have concerning the administration of your course.
    Their experience in administration will ensure all your questions are answered, and if they don’t know the answer, they will find out! They are here to help you and provide you with support with as little fuss as possible so that you can concentrate on your studies.
    They are the smiling face and friendly voice over the phone when you need help, so please don’t hesitate to call them, no matter how big or small your problem may be.

    Our Team

    The Australian Business Management Team consists of Trainers, Assessors, and a Student Support Administrator, who come from diverse professional backgrounds. Equipped with the latest technologies and skills, they help guide students through their learning journey. Our team at ABM provides students with an ambitious framework allowing them to develop skills and ability to deal confidently and professionally with the challenges they might face in the future.
    giving wealth and a diverse set of knowledge, skills, and passion to help guide the development of your skills to broaden your knowledge of the industry, allowing you to develop the skills and ability to provide services to your customers with professionalism and confidence.
    In order to ensure the success of our students our industry-leading Staff and management provide;
  • A tailored and personalized experience for every student to ensure that each student reaches their maximum potential.
  • Interactive classes, where participation is encouraged.
  • Innovative teaching methods that are practical and relevant to the real world.
  • Student Support Service

    Our Student Support Service strives to provide the very best welfare and academic support for our students.


    Develop skills to assist them in becoming job ready, and prepare generally for the workforce.

    Credit Transfer

    Students may be eligible for credit transfer for previously completed studies.

    Cultural Diversity

    We encourage all of our students to become leaders in demonstrating culturally diverse practice.

    Course Information
    The Australian Business Management delivers the following courses to International students.
    • BSB50215 Diploma of Business
    • BSB60215 Advanced Diploma of Business