Fee Schedule 2024

Fee Schedule 2024

ABM Further Education Fee Schedule 2024

From August 2022, our students and agents can make payment through PayPal or Credit card online.

Standalone Courses * please refer to 2024 special promotion here

Course CodeCourse NameCRICOS CodeTotal DurationMaterial FeeTuition Fee (AUD)
BSB40120Certificate IV in Business107906B52 weeks$200$12,000
BSB50120Diploma of Business107904D52 weeks$200$12,000
BSB60120Advanced Diploma of Business107905C78 weeks$300$18,000
BSB40420Certificate IV in Human Resource Management113476B52 weeks$200$12,000
BSB50320Diploma of Human Resource Management13477A52 weeks$200$12,000
BSB60320Advanced Diploma of Human Resource Management113479K78 weeks$300$18,000
BSB40920 Certificate IV in Project Management Practice112545B52 Week$200$12,000
BSB50820Diploma of Project Management112361K52 weeks$200$12,000
BSB60720Advanced Diploma of Program Management112362J78 weeks$300$18,000
BSB80120Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning)107907A52 weeks$200$12,000
SIT40521Certificate IV in Kitchen Management109578H78 weeks$1,200 $24,000
SIT50422Diploma of Hospitality Management111165M104 weeks$1,000$30,000
SIT60322Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management111166K104 weeks$1,000$30,000

Other Fees

Enrolment Fee$250 (Non-refundable)
Material Fee$50 Per term (exclude: Kitchen management and hospitality management) courses – See above)
RPL Fee$300 per unit (Non-refundable)
Credit Transfer Fee$500 (Non-refundable)
Change of Session Fee$200
Change of Course Fee$200
Re-assessment/No show Fee*$300 per unit (Non-refundable)
Late Payment fee$200 (Non-refundable)
Withdrawal Application Fee$300 (Non-refundable)
Deferment Fee$200
Late Submission Fee$50 per unit
Theory Catch up Class (Kitchen Management course)$100 per unit
Practical Catch up Class (Kitchen Management course)$250 per unit
Repeat of Unit (Kitchen Management course)$250 per unit (Theory)
$350 per unit (Theory & practical unit)