Fee Schedule 2023

Fee Schedule 2023

ABM Further Education Fee Schedule 2023

From August 2022, our students and agents can make payment through PayPal or Credit card online.

Standalone Courses

Course CodeCourse NameCRICOS CodeTotal DurationMaterial FeeTuition Fee (AUD)
BSB40120Certificate IV in Business107906B52 weeks$200$12,000
BSB50120Diploma of Business107904D52 weeks$200$12,000
BSB60120Advanced Diploma of Business107905C78 weeks$300$18,000
BSB40920 Certificate IV in Project Management Practice112545B52 Week$200$12,000
BSB50820Diploma of Project Management112361K52 weeks$200$12,000
BSB60720Advanced Diploma of Program Management112362J78 weeks$300$18,000
BSB80120Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning)107907A52 weeks$200$12,000
SIT40521Certificate IV in Kitchen Management109578H78 weeks$1,200 $24,000
SIT50422Diploma of Hospitality Management111165M104 weeks$1,000$30,000
SIT60322Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management111166K104 weeks$1,000$30,000

Kitchen Management/Hospitality Management Package Options

Course CodeCourse NameTotal DurationTerms
SIT40521Certificate IV in Kitchen Management78 weeks6
SIT40521 + SIT50422Certificate IV in Kitchen Management + Diploma of Hospitality Management104 weeks6 + 2
SIT40521 + SIT50422 + SIT60322Certificate IV in Kitchen Management + Diploma of Hospitality Management + Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management130 weeks6 + 2 + 2
SIT50422 + SIT60322Diploma of Hospitality Management + Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management130 weeks8 + 2

Other Fees

Enrolment Fee$250 (Non-refundable)
Material Fee$50 Per term (exclude: Kitchen management and hospitality management) courses – See above)
RPL Fee$300 per unit (Non-refundable)
Credit Transfer Fee$500 (Non-refundable)
Change of Session Fee$200
Change of Course Fee$200
Re-assessment/No show Fee$100 per unit (Non-refundable)
Late Payment fee$200 (Non-refundable)
Withdrawal Application Fee$300 (Non-refundable)
*Our re-assessment fee is going to increase from $100 per unit to $300 per unit effective from July 2023